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What is the Montreal Convention and what rights does it confer on passengers? P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the Montreal Convention, which is one of the laws governing liability for international airline accidents. As we noted, the law imposes liability for damages resulting from the death or injury of passengers, compensating the latter with special drawing rights. Airlines are not able to limit liability if the damages do not exceed that amount.  

What is the Montreal Convention and what rights does it confer on passengers?

One of the laws governing international air carrier liability is the Montreal Convention, an international treaty struck in 1999 which applies to all international carriage of baggage or cargo for compensation. The treaty applies both to businesses, governments and to “legally constituted public bodies.”  

A U.S. law firm helping victims of international plane crashes

Planes fly all over the world every single day. In some ways, our world has become smaller because of the ease with which we can traverse the planet. But it is still a very big world, and it can feel especially large when a loved one has been injured or killed in a commercial plane crash outside the United States.

Preliminary findings released after Colombian plane crash

We recently wrote about the major charter plane crash in Colombia that resulted in the deaths of 71 people, including most members of a Brazilian soccer team. The team had been flying to a very important competition when the plane went down in the mountains of Colombia.

Plane crashes, survivor guilt and the grief of loss: Part I

One of most tragic accidents in the news recently was the fatal airplane crash near Medellin, Colombia. In late November, a Brazilian soccer team was traveling to a competition when the plane crashed into a mountain. In total, 71 people died, including most of the team, most journalists traveling with the team and most of the plane's crew.

Aviation crash basics to consider

We discuss many types of aviation accidents on this blog but a lot of our readers may not understand the basics of aviation accident law. This type of law covers any accident that involves an aircraft. Aircrafts include privately owned airplanes, commercial passenger jets, hang gliders, helicopters and even some drones.

International aviation accident cases can be complex

Personal injury covers a very wide variety of cases. A case may have to do with a car accident that happened on a local road or an injury that happened in an office building. If a personal injury case is brought against a driver or a building owner, it is done so in the county in which the incident happened.

The three worst accidents of 2015

The good news is that commercial airplane travel has never been safer. In the U.S., fatal accidents involving commercial airliners have decreased relatively steadily over the last half-century. However, it seems at least a fe high-profile aviation accidnets occur every year, many of which grab the attention of the world. Unfortunately, 2015 was no exception. 

Airshow crash in England - part 4

We are wrapping up our discussion of how the United Kingdom conducts investigations of airplane crashes. The subject came up as we were reading about a tragic accident in Shoreham, Englad: An airplane participating in an airshow crashed onto a stretch of highway. The pilot survived, though very seriously injured, but 11 people were killed.

Airshow crash in England - part 2

We are still talking about the crash of a Hawker Hunter jet in an airshow in Shoreham, England, on Aug. 22. Authorities have now identified the 11 people killed when the plane slammed into the A27 highway adjacent to the airfield, and workers have cleared the debris from the roadway. Now the waiting begins. It will likely be months before the victims' families, the gravely injured pilot, the plane's owners and aviation enthusiasts around the world know what made the plane go down.

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