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Don't downplay the importance of seat belts on airplanes

Passengers on airliners assume that the aircraft has passed preflight inspections for safety so they can have a safe flight. Some might not realize, however, that there are a lot of smaller things that might not be checked before each flight. For example, the seat belts aren't usually checked in between each flight.

It's easy to overlook how important these smaller safety devices are when you're on an airplane. Assuming that the seat belts don't really do any good is a huge misconception that nobody should ever make. Thinking that the seat belts won't help you in a crash could be dangerous thinking, since many people do survive such events.

Seeking compensation after an international plane crash

International airline crashes can lead to significant injuries, as well as mass fatalities. For the victims of these crashes and their family members, the aftermath can be devastating. One thing that often comes to mind when hearing about one of these crashes is finding out what happened.

The cause of the crash is important so that the aviation industry can attempt to rectify the issue on future flights. It's also important because it enables victims of the crash to seek compensation for the damages they're dealing with due to their injuries or their loved one's death. Understanding the cause of a crash helps assign liability to the appropriate parties.

Commercial plane crash fatalities cut in half from 2018 to 2019

It's often said that flying is safer than driving, but some people still have trouble putting their trust in airlines. For those who do fly, there is good news – worldwide, the number of deaths from commercial airplane crashes was down by more than 50% in 2019 than there were in 2018.

This is due, at least in part, to improvements in the airline industry. With each crash that occurs, more information about how safety can be improved comes up. The reduction in deaths from 2018 to 2019 isn't abnormal. Even though the airline industry was seeing a steady increase in business, the number of fatalities continues to fall.

Turbulence causes 75 percent of weather-related plane crashes

Turbulence is a serious problem in any aircraft; however, you might feel it more in a smaller plane. There's also a chance that the turbulence will impact the smaller planes in a more profound manner. Because of this, there's a chance that you might suffer injuries if the pilot has to go through it.

There are a few causes of turbulence that are common. Sometimes, it's evident to an experienced pilot that they will have to go through certain types of turbulence. In those cases, they can alert their passengers to this possibility. Still, there are some instances in which it just sneaks up on the plane.

Victims of plane crashes shouldn't face financial ruin

Aircraft engineers and designers have the unique task of ensuring that the designs they present for these airplanes are safe and suitable for use. For the most part, aircraft designs are scrutinized and checked before they're put to use. There might still be times when this doesn't happen or there is an issue that was overlooked.

The ramifications of design defects can be fatal if they impact the ability of the aircraft to fly. When victims of crashes caused by these defects survive, they may suffer very serious injuries. The cost of medical care and the other life impacts are considerable.

Fight for your rights after a commercial airplane crash

Airline crashes aren't common, but they can lead to devastating injuries when they do occur. If you're involved in one of these crashes, you need to ensure that you aren't going to face financial devastation because of it. We're here to help you seek compensation from the liable parties for the damages you're facing because of the aviation disaster.

When you opt to pursue a claim for compensation after an event like this, you might not only have to look at naming the airline as a defendant. In some cases, the manufacturer of the airplane or the components used to manufacture, repair or upkeep the aircraft. Getting to the bottom of the cause of the crash is one of the necessities when you file a claim.

Negligence in plane manufacturing can mean legal trouble

A major jet airplane manufacturer is facing a legal nightmare after several crafts of a new model had unexplained equipment failures that led to catastrophic crashes. This involves airlines forced to ground similar aircraft as well as the survivors of the victims already claimed in crashes.

Plaintiffs in lawsuits against the manufacturer may have a case for financial damages if it was either negligent in the construction of the model or explicitly knew about dangers and failed to correct them. In this second scenario, there may even be criminal action against the company and the officers running it.

Small plane crash injures two after power loss

Although commercial airline accidents can affect hundreds of people at once, small planes are in many ways more likely to be affected by some sort of problem. Many smaller aircraft have been in service for longer, and they can be affected by weather phenomena more gravely than heavier planes.

Maintenance issues can also plague small planes and interrupt flights that would otherwise come off without a hitch. Two people were injured on the ground outside Houston when their plane reportedly lost power and crashed into a residential neighborhood below.

Data will help investigation into downed airliner

There is a reason that the word "travel" has its roots in a Latin term for "work." It is exhausting, costly and time-consuming to travel great distances, even as we evolved from sailing ships and beasts of burden to engines and flight. Moreover, it is dangerous, as we see risks we never would have at home.

International conflict has been known to affect civil aviation, even though numerous treaties and agreements by nations have resolved to avoid that. Accidents that involve the territory or citizens of different countries are often complicated by jurisdiction, even if states are not involved in the causes.

Crash victim survivors dispute NTSB report in lawsuit

When a bad accident happens, one of the first questions that people have is about who to blame. It may not help the situation at all, but we often need to understand why important things happen. In the case of legal disputes around the consequences of accidents, however, nothing is more important to work out.

A helicopter crash that claimed the lives of two law enforcement officers is being held under scrutiny as the survivors of the victims are disputing the official story of what happened. An investigation by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) claimed that the accident happened because the pilot was not trained in a specific situation that occurred on the day of the crash.

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