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How do commercial airline crashes impact aviation safety?

When a plane crashes, it is devastating. Typically, there are many lives lost and sometimes major property damage. However, planes take off out of New York multiple times a day and most have no problems whatsoever. In fact, when something does go wrong with a plane, it is carefully studied and helps result in changes within the aviation industry that make flying even safer for you. 

Popular Mechanics took a look at some significant airplane crashes that resulted in major improvements in air travel. One such incident was Aloha Airlines Flight 243. This was an old plane being used for a short flight over Hawaii, but due to age-related issues, it ended up coming apart in mid-air. While only, one person was killed, it did spurn the National Transportation Safety Board to start making stricter rules about the maintenance and use of aging aircraft. 

TWA Flight 2 and United Airlines Flight 718 collided in mid-air. After, changes were made in air traffic control and there has not been another similar incident with commercial airlines. This incident also led to the creation of the Federal Aviation Administration, which is in charge of keeping the airways safe.

Finally, Delta Air Lines Flight 191 killed 134 people onboard and one person in a vehicle who was on the roadway upon which the airplane crashed. This accident was caused by a microburst in air. It led to new ways to track microburst via radar and only one similar accident has occurred since. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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