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When could you sue an aviation manufacturer?

Many New York pilots do not have the funds or insurance necessary to cover a significant loss. The same is true even of some small transportation or tourism companies. If you were injured, or if you experienced the loss of a loved one, the other party's financial shortcoming could be ruinous to your quality of life going forward from the incident. 

However, it is not always fair to place all of the blame on a pilot. You might want to consider the aircraft manufacturer's responsibility in the event that caused your loss. Defective products might cause crashes, contribute to injuries or even lead to death. The companies that make these products could be liable for part of your damages. 

If you were to consider suing an aircraft product company, it would be important to realize that you would be going up against a major international enterprise in most cases. It would probably not be enough to prepare evidence of fault in the device in question. Your legal team would also likely have to directly link the equipment directly to your injury or that of your loved one.

Manufacturers often must pay for injuries caused by their products because of a legal concept called strict liability. FindLaw discusses this in the context of aircraft product defects, noting that there would be no need to prove that the manufacturer was negligent to establish liability. As mentioned above, you would probably only need to provide an argument that the injury occurred and that it was caused or worsened by the product in question. Please do not consider this legal advice. It is meant only as information.

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