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Aircraft Design Defects Archives

Compass failures lead to issues on some plane flights

Anyone who opts to travel on an airline is putting their trust in the pilots who are operating the plane. Most pilots do their job duties with safety as the top priority; however, they also have to rely heavily on the equipment that's in the cockpit. Unfortunately, there are times when the equipment will fail.

Victims of plane crashes shouldn't face financial ruin

Aircraft engineers and designers have the unique task of ensuring that the designs they present for these airplanes are safe and suitable for use. For the most part, aircraft designs are scrutinized and checked before they're put to use. There might still be times when this doesn't happen or there is an issue that was overlooked.

Crash victim survivors dispute NTSB report in lawsuit

When a bad accident happens, one of the first questions that people have is about who to blame. It may not help the situation at all, but we often need to understand why important things happen. In the case of legal disputes around the consequences of accidents, however, nothing is more important to work out.

How do lawsuits apply to aircraft product design problems?

There are few products that are more important to their users' safety than airplane and helicopter components. This is because the slightest problem can endanger property and life in an instant. How can designers and manufacturers be held accountable?

Jet planes can be built with design problems

Airplanes and airlines can seem nearly flawless, even if their arrivals and departures are often late. Pilots are always trained professionals and nearly all commercial flights come off without a hitch. But the forces and mechanics involved mean that any one problem can cause a catastrophic failure.

Crack in airplane cabin causes emergency descent

We can take air travel for granted sometimes, while others can fret far too much about the possible dangers. Commercial flights are still safer than many other types of transport in and out of New York City, but accidents can happen if aircraft and the products that help run them are defective or out of date.

Plane investigation finds Boeing and pilot responsible for crash

Those in New York who regularly fly may be interested in the recent investigation into Boeing, the largest plane manufacturer in the world. The investigation came from Indonesian aviation experts who looked into the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 plane crash. Investigators determined that design flaws in the 737 MAX Boeing plane contributed to the crash.

Is it dangerous for an airplane to be struck by lightning?

There are many things that people fear when boarding a plane, whether it is their first flight or their 100th. Turbulence, unruly passengers and malfunctioning equipment can top the list of frightening scenarios. You and other New York residents may also worry about flying in poor weather, especially during a thunderstorm. Just how risky is it for a plane to fly through lightning, you may wonder?

Shortcuts could lead to aircraft accidents and deaths

Billions of dollars are spent in the aviation industry, as new aircraft are built and older aircrafts are repaired and maintained. Airline pilots must be trained extensively to ensure they know how to operate the model of aircraft they are piloting. Working on massive air carriers and training pilots can be costly and time consuming. However, if something should go wrong with an airplane while taking off, in flight or landing, the lives of everyone on board is at stake.

Boeing slowing production of 737 Max jets after fatalities

When you board an aircraft in New York or another part of the country, you likely do so without thinking too much about whether the aircraft you will ride in is, in fact, safe for travel. Regrettably, several recent fatal plane crashes have raised concerns about air travel and potentially defective flight control software, and so much so that the company behind the planes at the center of the controversy are slowing production on new ones. At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, we understand that many Americans are now hesitant to travel on these particular planes, and we have helped many people who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in plane crashes seek recourse.

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