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International Aviation Accidents Archives

International airlines cracking down on alcohol-abusing pilots

International travelers and safety analysts across New York and the nation are becoming increasingly concerned about alcohol abuse among pilots in the wake of a recent incident involving a pilot on a popular Japanese airline. At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, we recognize that substance-abusing pilots endanger everyone on board their aircraft, and we have helped many clients who suffered injury because of a pilot's negligence pursue appropriate recourse.

Latest international crash reveals problem with Boeing planes

Travelers planning commercial flights to or from New York or anywhere else in the country should check to see if the plane they will be flying on is a Boeing 737 Max 8. If so, they may wish to take a different flight.

Lack of training may be to blame for aircraft accident

When people board a commercial flight, they assume the pilots flying the aircraft fully understand how to operate all of the controls. Safety devices designed to minimize the risk of aircraft failure are continually being updated. What happens, however, when pilots are not properly educated on how these safety devices work and what to do in a case where they malfunction?

Plane crashes in Mexico after severe-weather takeoff

When residents of New York board planes bound for national or international destinations, they typically rely on the plane's pilot and crew to determine whether conditions are appropriate for flying. When pilots second-guess their decisions to fly once the aircraft has already taken off, however, getting back on the ground is not always so easy, and the passengers and crew aboard a recent flight leaving Durango, Mexico, learned this the hard way.

Is that international charter flight safe?

Whether you book your international charter flight through a cruise line, tour operator or a company in a foreign country, you may not want to take the airline's safety for granted. According to The New York Times, not every country provides the same aviation oversight that the United States does.

How safe are helicopter tours?

If you are planning a dream vacation to New York City, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii or any of the other stunning destinations the USA has to offer, then helicopter tours might be a good choice for you. Helicopters are safer than you might expect, and they offer a unique set of opportunities for exploration. However, this mode of travel is not without risk, especially if you are visiting from abroad. 

Are international flights as safe as domestic ones?

When you need to fly internationally, you may wonder if you will be safe. It isn't uncommon for New York residents to question the safety of air travel and to be a little concerned when taking a foreign flight. In fact, USA Today reports that with many new stories on foreign flights crashing, being skeptical is reasonable. 

What is the role of the US in international accidents?

You might wonder how international air disasters are handled by the United States. If you, a New Yorker and US citizen, are flying on an international flight that experiences a problem, will you still be offered the same protection as you would on a domestic flight? These questions are best answered by learning more about the National Transportation Safety Board, which is an agency that investigates accidents involving transportation, including flights.

What international aviation conventions mean to individuals

A New Yorker may discover many legal challenges are involved in litigation after a plane crash. There are, however, unique hurdles to overcome when attempting any international action against a commercial carrier in a case involving an incident of loss or injury in a foreign country or over open seas. 

The most common causes of airplane accidents

When it comes to international airplane accidents, there are many different reasons why an aircraft can go down. While  many people in New York are afraid of bad weather, this is not the biggest contributor to these accidents. We at Kreindler and Kreindler can fight for your rights if you or a loved one were injured or killed in an international plane crash.

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