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Aircraft manufacturers need more oversight

Congress is gearing up to take a harsh stance against the very loose oversights in the airline industry. This news comes after the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee both reviewed information about the 346 deaths that resulted from two Boeing 737 Max crashes.

Commercial plane crash fatalities cut in half from 2018 to 2019

It's often said that flying is safer than driving, but some people still have trouble putting their trust in airlines. For those who do fly, there is good news – worldwide, the number of deaths from commercial airplane crashes was down by more than 50% in 2019 than there were in 2018.

Fight for your rights after a commercial airplane crash

Airline crashes aren't common, but they can lead to devastating injuries when they do occur. If you're involved in one of these crashes, you need to ensure that you aren't going to face financial devastation because of it. We're here to help you seek compensation from the liable parties for the damages you're facing because of the aviation disaster.

Negligence in plane manufacturing can mean legal trouble

A major jet airplane manufacturer is facing a legal nightmare after several crafts of a new model had unexplained equipment failures that led to catastrophic crashes. This involves airlines forced to ground similar aircraft as well as the survivors of the victims already claimed in crashes.

What is the Montreal Convention?

Have you been injured on a plane? Do you know if what happened qualifies as an accident under the law? It may not be clear immediately, but the Montreal Convention helps passengers and crew alike understand what their rights and responsibilities are during or after a high-speed journey through the air between countries.

Some still experienced loss in a year of low airline fatalities

Plenty of people suffer from aviophobia, or the irrational fear of flying. Indeed, the sheer physics of lifting hundreds of tons of machinery into the air for hours boggles even the most scientific mind. This fear can be reduced or overcome with specific therapies, which leaves only the rational problems associated with commercial flights.

Tips to help ensure survival in an airplane accident

New York residents who fear flying should know that airplane accidents have a 95.7% survivability rate, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Just in case, though, people can keep some safety tips in mind before getting ready for their next flight.

Fewer large airline crashes in 2019

People in New York may be safer than in the past when flying on commercial airlines, according to a report. In 2019, the number of people who lost their lives in airplane crashes on commercial flights dropped by over 50%. This sharp decrease in deaths came despite a major crash in Ethiopia in March 2019, which killed 153 people. Still, the toll taken by commercial airplane crashes can be severe. The report, which examined large jets rather than small turboprops, noted that 2019 saw 86 different accidents involving commercial flights, and eight of them were fatal. In those crashes, 257 people were killed.

Seeking accountability after airplane crashes

Major New York airline crashes can be seriously devastating. Because of the highly flammable fuel, massive equipment and heights involved in airline travel, an airplane crash can lead to significant numbers of fatalities as well as catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. In addition to the deaths and injuries to passengers and members of the crew, people on the ground and their property may be at risk. While air travel is generally very safe, the unusual accident can be uniquely destructive. It can be particularly challenging to unravel questions of causation and liability after an airplane crash.

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