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Time limits set by the General Aviation Revitalization Act

People who travel in private planes and small aircraft might not realize that they don't have strong protections against manufacturer defects in some cases. The General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 errs on the side of the manufacturer if the aircraft is more than 18 years old. Many private planes fit in to that older age bracket.

Turbulence causes 75 percent of weather-related plane crashes

Turbulence is a serious problem in any aircraft; however, you might feel it more in a smaller plane. There's also a chance that the turbulence will impact the smaller planes in a more profound manner. Because of this, there's a chance that you might suffer injuries if the pilot has to go through it.

Small plane crash injures two after power loss

Although commercial airline accidents can affect hundreds of people at once, small planes are in many ways more likely to be affected by some sort of problem. Many smaller aircraft have been in service for longer, and they can be affected by weather phenomena more gravely than heavier planes.

NTSB report on fatal air crash may not have all the details

If you would check to make sure your car tires are inflated before you start on a drive, you would take some safety precautions before you start the engine of a plane. But most people who fly to get places don't know or care much about the maintenance involved in maintaining a safely operating plane.

2 more lawsuits filed over small plane crash

People step on and off jetliners and other aircraft every day without thinking much of the risks involved. After all, jumbo jets are sleek machines that brings millions of people places every week without a major incident. But it is still possible for something to go wrong in the air.

Occupants survive small plane crash into river

Thousands of small plane flights happen every week across the country, and there are probably more flights taken by propeller aircraft than by passenger jets around the world. Although there are many advantages to smaller aircraft, they may be more prone to weather events and other risks.

Lawsuit alleges pilot was responsible for small plane crash

Commercial airline accidents are very rare, making large jet airplanes one of the safest ways of crossing great distances. The engineering and maintenance involved in keeping a fleet of jumbo jets in the sky helps encourage the quality control that makes air travel possible.

Aviation training flight crash leads to lawsuit

Flight has been in the dreams of humans since time immemorial. Now, we take for granted our ability to jet off to any destination in the world, no matter how distant. In the early 20th century, many aviation pioneers died to make that possible. But people can still be injured or killed while aspiring for flight.

Small plane crash leaves three dead

New York residents may have heard that around 4:30 p.m. on March 3, a Piper PA-46 crashed in a wooded area west of Watkinsville, Georgia, around 16 miles southwest of Athens. The Oconee County Sheriff's Office said in a news conference later that night that three people were killed in the crash.

Plane accident leaves two dead

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, an airplane accident that occurred on Feb. 22 claimed the lives of two men, who were the sole occupants of the plane. New Yorkers may have heard about the accident, which took place shortly after 9 a.m. when the plane began its flight at Dillingham Airfield located on Oahu's North Shore in Hawaii.

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