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Small Plane Accidents Archives

69-year-old plane crashes into water, killing both occupants

Aviation, by its very nature, is a dangerous activity. Many times, people will dismiss the likelihood of small plane accidents, saying that being involved in a car crash is much more likely. While this is true in the sense that relatively few people are involved in aviation accidents, this is mostly because so many people are on the roads at any given time.

Government shutdown means plane crash sites aren't investigated

The federal government shutdown has affected Americans in many walks of life. From preschoolers dependent on Head Start to working people trying to remove tax liens to retired people trying to meet with someone in the Social Security Administration, millions of people have felt the sting of reduced funding and staffing.

Small California plane crash kills 2; nobody on ground hurt

With the number of aircraft in use in the United States at any given time, it might seem like a minor miracle that there are not more serious aviation accidents. However, because of the overall safety of the domestic aviation system, accidents are fortunately relatively rare events. When they do occur, there is always the possibility of large amounts of damage and casualties -- particularly when the crash takes place in a crowded metropolitan area.

FAA report notes pilot error as leading factor in fatal crashes

By the time a pilot obtains an official license, they have gone through extensive training. In most cases, this training includes hundreds of hours of actual flight time as well as simulator tests to ensure a pilot responds appropriately when faced with an emergency situation.

Businessman falls in front of float-plane propeller to his death

At first blush, it might be difficult to think of a plane accident that leads to a fatality from a reason other than a crash. However, experienced pilots are trained to think as airplanes as powerful -- and potentially dangerous -- machines. This was demonstrated in a terrible small plane accident recently that left an American businessman dead on at a Canadian lake.

Small plane crashes, injuring 2, after apparent power loss

Pilots of small planes know that the potential for something to go wrong is always present, no matter how experienced they might be. While most pilots might say that they prefer to be at the controls of their own plane rather than sitting among the masses on a commercial flight, the truth is that small plane accidents happen all the time around the United States.

Experimental aircraft prone to crashes, says NTSB member

What tend to be the most accident-prone planes in general aviation? It may not be surprising to learn that the answer is experimental aircraft built by nonprofessionals. In fact, the statistics are quite jarring: experiment aircraft make up about 10 percent of all aircraft considered under the general aviation umbrella, they comprise 15 percent of the accidents among that group and more than 20 percent of accidents resulting in fatalities.

Small plane crashes into neighborhood; 3 in plane killed

A recent plane crash in South Carolina serves as a reminder of how destructive an aviation accident can be -- even when it involves a small, private plane. The incident took place over the weekend in the early afternoon hours. According to the local coroner, the three people on board the plane all died of multiple trauma injuries on impact. The plane was destroyed, and parts of the neighborhood lost electricity for a time because the plane took out some power lines.

Victims' families suing one another in wake of 2011 crash

Determining liability in the aftermath of a small plane crash can be uncomfortable. In many cases, the passengers and pilots know one another, and might even be related. If there are fatalities from a private airplane accident, it's conceivable that representatives from the passengers' estates might have to file lawsuits against the pilots' estates in order to get the compensation that is deserved.

To some, helicopter in Hudson evokes echoes of a 'Miracle'

For many people on board an aircraft, the place they feel the least comfortable in the air is over water. Perhaps thoughts of being stranded on an uncharted island as in the TV show "Lost" run through their heads. In any case, whether they're flying over a lake, ocean or river, people don't want anything to go wrong in the air.

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