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Small Plane Accidents Archives

Charity mission turns tragic as twin-engine plane crashes; 3 die

Many rescue or charity missions have turned into tragedy when a small plane used to ferry people or goods goes down while doing a good work. The latest example of this happened recently in upstate New York, where a volunteer flight to take a brain cancer patient for treatment crashed, killing the pilot, the patient and the patient's wife.

Small plane goes down in Virginia, killing general and his wife

Small plane crashes occur with astonishing regularity in the United States. The causes of these crashes are not uniform; private plane crashes can occur for any number of reasons. Discovering the precise reason for a crash is of crucial importance for the surviving family members of an aviation accident so that they can try to recover compensation from whatever parties might have been accountable for the crash.

2 killed, 3 hurt when private plane crashes into neighborhood

When a problem happens in mid-air with a small plane, there may not be time enough for the pilot to take evasive action to avoid people or buildings on the ground. A pilot may try to land on a street or highway if possible, but in many small plane crashes, the aircraft just ends up going down out of the control of its occupants.

Hot air balloon crashes into power lines; 2 seriously burned

As readers of this blog might remember, we recently wrote about the rarity of hot air balloon accidents in terms of fatal accidents. However, while accidents do happen from time to time involving these aircraft, it is rare that they cause severe injuries to their occupants.

Rock drummer won't tour with band because he'd have to fly

For the survivors of a plane crash, memories of the incident -- if not the injuries -- can linger on for years, sometimes for a lifetime. For people who have to travel for work, this can place a huge burden on their careers. Such is the case for a well-known drummer for a rock band who is staying at home in the U.S. rather than flying with his bandmates to Australia for a tour.

Investigation confirms pilot in crash became disoriented in fog

When a small plane crashes, there are often many more questions than there are answers. And when there are no survivors of a small plane crash, interviewing the people involved becomes impossible. Official investigations can take years to complete as employees of the National Transportation Safety Board attempt to explain what has occurred.

2 survive plane crash into Hudson River; cause not certain

The Hudson River is no stranger to plane crashes. Four years ago this month, US Airways Flight 1549 famously ditched into the river near New York City's 48th Street, famously captained by Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. All 155 people on board survived, and the image of the plane half-submerged in the river was an indelible one for anyone involved in the aviation industry.

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