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Errors commonly made by pilots

If you live in New York and frequently travel by plane, you may have concerns about just how safe it is to travel via aircraft, given that small and commercial plane crashes frequently make headlines. Given how far aircraft construction has come in recent years, a rising number of plane crashes have ties to pilot errors, rather than mechanical failures, so it is important that you, as a passenger, learn to recognize common pilot mistakes. At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, we understand that catastrophic injuries and even death can result when pilots make errors, and we have helped many aircraft passengers and their families seek recourse after crashes.

What are some tips for flying in the winter?

Weather always plays a role in the safety of a flight, but when it comes to small planes, it can be even more important. If you are a pilot of a small plane in New York, you may shy away from flying in the winter. However, you do not have to do that. You can fly safely as long as you are aware of some important points.

Are private planes more dangerous than commercial planes?

There are often reports in the New York news about small or private plane crashes. It seems they happen often. At the same time, commercial plane accidents do not seem to happen often. From this alone, you could easily surmise that small planes are more dangerous than commercial planes, and you would be correct. Looking deeper into it, though, reveals some concerning facts.

What makes small planes dangerous?

Small planes are notorious for being more dangerous than their larger commercial counterparts. In fact, you have probably heard many stories of famous people who have died in small plane crashes. So, why is it that small planes seem more dangerous than larger ones, and are they actually more dangerous? Should you fly in a small plane in New York or are you risking your life by getting on board?

Celebrities that have died in small plane crashes

Throughout the years, there have been many news stories in New York about celebrities that have died in small plane crashes. It is actually rather alarming at just how often it happens. There have been quite a few well-known people, often who were in the prime of their lives and careers, who have lost their lives this way. Here's a look at a few of them.

Should I disturb the wreckage of an airplane?

Hypothetically, if you are an airplane operator that has managed to survive the crash of your small plane on a New York runway, or are associated with the crashed plane in some fashion, you may wonder if you are permitted to disturb the plane wreckage in any fashion. The National Transportation Safety Board lays out some simple guidelines for operators to follow in case of an airplane accident.

80-year-old pilot walks away from plane crash

There’s an old adage that applies to airplane crashes, “any landing you can walk away from is a good one.” That popular saying was certainly on display when an 80-year-old pilot attempted to land a Cessna single engine plane at an airport in Connecticut last month.

Common causes of small plane crashes

Many plane crashes that occur across New York and the United States involve small planes, and your odds of getting in a serious plane crash are higher when you travel in a small, private aircraft than a large commercial carrier. Many small plane crashes involve similar factors, and recognizing what is causing most of these crashes can help pilots, manufacturers and others with interests in the aviation industry work to enhance industry safety. At Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, we have a firm understanding of what is causing many modern aviation accidents, and we have helped many clients seek recourse after suffering injury or losing a loved in a plane crash.

Recent trends in helicopter safety

At Kreindler & Kreindler, LLP, we understand that helicopter travel is a way of life for many New York residents. Whether you rely on a company helicopter, one that is privately owned, or one that is commercially available, your life and safety depend on the machine itself and the skill of its pilot.

Report highlights NTSB failure to conduct thorough general aviation accident investigations, P.2

In our last post, we began looking a recent USA Today report highlighting the some of the problems with the National Transportation Safety Board's approach to investigation of general aviation accidents. These problems include not devoting enough resources to these investigations, relying on manufacturers to identify problems with component parts, and heavy emphasis on the cause of the crash, as opposed to the cause of injury or death.

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