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What happens if someone has a medical emergency during a flight?

There are many things that you and other New York residents may be afraid of when you fly, ranging from electrical malfunctions on the plane to the pilot losing control and crashing. While these occurrences may be rare, other in-flight mishaps, such as medical emergencies, are more common. You may wonder if there are standard protocols to deal with such events.

Why are seatbelts crucial to flight safety?

When New York residents are buckling in for a flight, it can be easy to undervalue the importance of a seatbelt. After all, many people feel it is an extraneous addition when plane crashes are so severe. Do seatbelts in airplanes actually help maintain a level of safety?

What are some lead causes of plane crashes?

New York is a big transportation hub. Because of that, many people utilize the airports. While most will go through their lives without experiencing a plane crash, it is impossible to predict when they will happen. These crashes can be traumatic and even deadly. Today, we'll take a look at some of the possible causes behind a crash.

What causes air rage?

Everyone knows about road rage – those terrifying incidents in which another driver intends to cause harm after any kind of traffic-related slight. Less commonly heard about, but no less serious, are incidents of air rage. You and other New Yorkers who travel by air may be interested in learning why air rage occurs, as well as the surprising factors that may cause it.

Examining if Boeing had the chance to prevent major accidents

Commercial airline jets are a true force to be reckoned with, an absolutely awe-inspiring innovation that allows people in the modern-day to travel the world in the open skies. While traditionally, commercial jets were at the will of the skilled pilots who flew them, in today's modern era, many of those operations have become automated. While this decision has optimized some processes, people in New York and elsewhere are questioning just how safe and effective it is to relinquish human control to automation. 

What you should know to stay safe on your flight

Whether you travel regularly for work or leisure, or you board an occasional flight,  it is crucial that you understand what you can do to stay safe on the plane. Knowledge of potential safety issues may be extremely helpful in certain situations. Although it may be unlikely that an airplane accident occurs, you can be prepared to face a hazardous situation and minimize the risk of injury or death.

How easy is it to get sick on a plane?

You may already take precautions to avoid catching something from a fellow passenger whenever you fly, such as washing your hands frequently or packing antibacterial wipes and a protective mask in your carry-on luggage. Exactly how common is it to catch a flu or other illness on an airplane, you and other New York residents may wonder?

Boeing and FAA sued by family of Ethiopia crash victim

The commercial airline industry has (for the most part) been able to maintain a very strong safety record thanks to stringent policies and regulations aimed and ensuring that all commercial airliners are fit to fly. Knowing of the this dedication to safety, travelers from Manhattan and from the rest of the U.S. are willing to place trust in the aircraft manufacturers by frequently traveling on their planes. Yet along with addressing safety concerns, aircraft companies are also focused on turning a profit by providing airlines with more planes. If (in the rush to sell aircraft) a manufacturer bypasses safety procedures, they open themselves up to liability claims

Allegations of safety concerns by airline mechanics

In light of the recent crashes involving two Boeing jets and the subsequent grounding of planes, it is not unreasonable for residents in New York to ask questions and investigate just how safe it is or is not to board a commercial aircraft today. Aircraft manufacturers and airlines themselves are just some of the entities with responsibility for passenger safety. At every step of the way, safety should be the top priority. 

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