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Who is liable when a pilot deliberately crashes an airliner?

Airliners have been known to crash for a variety of reasons, including equipment failure, weather, pilot or traffic controller error, or terrorism. However the last thing a passenger expects to happen is to die in a plane crash because the pilot decided to commit suicide.

Airplane's black box recovered 31 years after fatal crash

After any fatal plane crash, recovering the "black box" is a high priority for investigators. Although these flight recorders are typically bright orange (for visibility) instead of black, the information they contain is crucial. They can answer many questions about how and why the plane crash occurred.

Plane crashes, survivor guilt and the grief of loss: Part II

In our last post, we discussed the difficult mental, emotional and psychological consequences associated with fatal or near-fatal airplane crashes. These consequences vary depending on one's relationship to the crash itself. Families and friends who lost loved ones in the crash struggle with profound grief. Survivors of an otherwise deadly crash suffer that same grief, but they may also experience post-traumatic stress disorder and survivor guilt.

American Airlines passengers sue over severe trauma from engine fire incident

Commercial airline accidents can have serious consequences for those involved in them. These consequences can be fatal, but not always. In some cases, serious physical injury can result, or even simply severe emotional and mental trauma.

Charter, corporate air crashes: the role of proven legal counsel

Many readers of our aviation accidents blog at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP (a national law firm with offices in New York City, Boston and Los Angeles) have likely seen dire news accounts many times of aircraft post-accident investigations. A recurring image in many such stories is focused upon a team of investigators with the acronym NTSB emblazoned on their jackets combing through wreckage.

The story of an important piece of aviation safety equipment

Many of the safety devices we take for granted have not been around as long as we might assume. As just one example, consider the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, now used on the majority of airplanes and mandated for commercial carriers.

Increase your chances of surviving an airplane crash (PART 3)

Today we wrap up our conversation about survival tips as they pertain to commercial airplane crashes. The key theme with these tips is awareness. Each tip has to do with being fully aware of your surroundings and being prepared for any possible event. This doesn’t mean an individual should be paranoid. It just means they should be knowledgeable about how to handle an emergency situation, much as motor vehicle drivers should be if they are on the road.

Increase your chances of surviving an airplane crash (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion on how to increase your chances of surviving a commercial airplane crash. Although these tips are definitely very useful and important, we all know that there are many aspects of an airplane crash that we cannot control. Nonetheless, it is important to stay vigilant and ready.

Increase your chances of surviving an airplane crash (PART 1)

Airplane crashes can happen at any time and for any reason. When we board a commercial aircraft, we often feel like we are at the mercy of the pilot and the large vessel that will be carrying us. Many people feel like they have absolutely no control over whether they survive a crash or not.

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