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Commercial Airline Accidents Archives

Does how our airplanes are being fixed need fixing?

If you are like the average airline consumer, you probably are not educated about aviation and the engineering and maintenance involved in the industry. You are probably someone who just hopes for the best when you are boarding an aircraft, anxious to touch down safely on the soil of your travel destination.

Marking the 20th anniversary of deadly commercial jet crash

While many Americans may not remember it, this month marks the 20th anniversary of a devastating commercial jet crash. On May 11, 1996, an airline called ValuJet took off from Miami International Airport on a flight bound for Atlanta. Less than 20 minutes into the flight, the DC-9 burst violently into flames and crashed in the Florida Everglades.

NTSB releases preliminary details of plane crash investigation

Plane crash investigations can be both lengthy and complicated, especially in cases where all passengers and crew lose their lives. And even when black box information is available, it may not tell the whole story.

What is a person’s chance of dying in an airplane crash?

Many people are afraid of flying and it’s a fear that is easy to understand. When we get on an airplane, we put our lives in the hands of mechanics, manufacturers and pilots. Many aircraft passengers feel like they have zero control over their safety and also feel as though their chances of dying in an airplane crash are high.

Concerns after losing a loved one in an aviation accident

Your loved one has been killed in an aviation accident. Naturally, you are likely in extreme shock and mourning the loss of someone you love. At the same time, many people feel a sense of frustration or even anger that something like this could have happened. So what is the next step?

What are the worst countries for fatal airplane crashes?

Last week, some of our readers may have heard about a tragic plane crash that killed 224 people. The Russian Metrojet airplane crashed in Egypt on Saturday. This has prompted a lot of discussion related to airplane crashes around the world. This week a news source looked at Aviation Safety Network data to see which countries were the atal airline accidents.

Does low cost mean less safety for budget airlines?

If a product or service is offered to consumers at a lower price than competitors in the same industry, many people assume that corners have been cut, meaning important safety measures may have also been ignored. From mass transit accidents to massive motor vehicle recalls, it's not hard to believe this assumption and wonder if it applies to all products and services offered in the United States.

FAA: Is reauthorization delayed reauthorization denied? p2

We are talking about the Federal Aviation Administration and a bill in the House of Representatives that has an iffy future. The bill is a funding bill, and the author, House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa), believes the government could save money and improve safety by sending one major function of the FAA to the private sector.

FAA: Is reauthorization delayed reauthorization denied?

The Federal Aviation Administration has gone through more than a few iterations in the last 50 years. The change that travelers are most familiar with, of course, came in the aftermath of 9/11: The Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 moved the responsibility for aviation security from the FAA to the Transportation Security Administration, a newly created agency within the Department of Transportation. The TSA would later move to the Department of Homeland Security.

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