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Posts tagged "Small Plane Accidents"

Lawsuits seek compensation for small but deadly plane crash

The aftermath of a plane crash is often a mess - both literally and figuratively. While large commercial airline crashes are likely to have the most casualties, accidents involving smaller planes can nonetheless result in death, injuries, destruction of property and difficult legal questions.

Small plane crashes in residential area of Long Island, 3 killed

Safety officials are still working to figure out what may have caused a fatal plane crash earlier this week on Long Island. According to the New York Times, a single-engine plane carrying three people crashed in a residential area in the hamlet of Syosset.

The Bachelor contestant dies in airplane crash

The airplane crashes that we hear the most about are large multi-passenger crashes where many lives are lost. Although these types of crashes are very tragic and frightening to the general public, it’s important to remember that most airplane crashes involve small airplanes. The airplane may only have one or two people inside it and may be traveling within state lines or near the airport where it took off. Lots of lives are unfortunately lost in these airplane crashes. A few lucky individuals are able to live to talk about the crash they were involved in.

Six die in two airplane crashes over the weekend

The weekend is often a great time to go flying. Many individuals may take their aircraft out for a ride or may join someone else during their flight to enjoy the great views and the thrill of being up in the air. Unfortunately, this thrill can easily turn to tragedy if there are issues with maintenance or the airplane itself.

One man missing after plane crash-lands into harbor

Our readers can imagine that there’s probably nothing scarier than piloting a plane and suddenly experiencing engine problems. That is exactly what happened to a student pilot this past weekend, leading to a crash-landing into the Long Island Sound in New York.

Well-known pilots in aviation industry die in crash

Even those individuals who work in the aviation industry and could be considered experts in the field are not immune to airplane accidents. When something goes wrong while an airplane is in the air, there is only so much a pilot can do no matter how much experience he or she has. If the problem turns out to be mechanical, the pilot may be out of luck in terms of landing it safely.

Couple perishes in small airplane crash in Utah

While there are some individuals who survive small airplane crashes, a lot of these types of crashes involve fatalities. The families of those who perish in these crashes are left with many unanswered questions while they have to grieve the loss of someone they love.

Plane crashes in New York reservoir, killing pilot and passenger

Unlike car accidents, airplane accidents very often lead to tragic outcomes. In many cases, when a plane goes down, the people inside are killed. Authorities are investigating a recent small aircraft crash in a reservoir in New York.

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